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Roxy antwerp
- roxy 'illuminati' nye 2013 - Roxy Antwerp

roxy 'illuminati' nye 2013 Roxy antwerp

Monday December 31st
Roxy antwerp is proud to present
a highsociety event in order to celebrate nye roxy illuminati
The Illuminati is real and it's Souled out When you actually meet the devil and he s you a deal most artists eventually this reason we're making you an to spend New Year's Eve at our venue which is known for Nanno Mardi Blueflame and You can't throw them diamonds in the air (masters of ceremony)
makasi (Summerfestival Laundry Day Ratpack Blueflame)
lucke (Goodlife Vesper Club 808 Nanno's favorite sidekick)
david (co lead singer Cookies Cream)
a surprise live PERForMaNCE

(Think Illuminati music artists Rihanna Jayz Kanye West Lady Gaga Kate Perry Lil Wayne Nicki mixed with the all known Roxy music)

SHinE bright like a DIaMOND
Order your private table celebrate nye in true Hollywood Illuminatistyle

DaNCEFLOor (5persons) 500 minimum spending
CURTain box (5persons) 375 minimum spending
HIGHTaBLE (5persons) 250 minimum spending

no Entrance Fee no waiting in line Viphost for your requests y finger food requests or bottles aRE possible when aSKED in illuminati nye 2013 inFO
Doors 12 presale 15 at the door

PRESaLE doorpolicy Limited capacity Priority will be given to those who make an effort

Roxy antwerp Rijnkaai 14 2000 antwerp

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