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Bangladesh Agriculture Research Council (barc) Auditorium, Farmgate (Behind the Farmgate Police Box), Dhaka
Film Fest 2012

Childrens Television Foundation of Bangladesh (ctfb) is going to organize a Film Festival on on 1113 January The film fest will introduce theoneminutesJr campaign which introduces the way of making of a film with one minutes duration to express childrens In this fest 100 films will be shown which are made by the children in theoneminutesJr workshop held in various districts supported by The theme of this fest will be Entertainment My Two seminars with open discussion and a workshop will be held in this The organizer hopes that the nts will be encouraged with the oneminutes Through this festival the organizer endeavors to aware the children about the convention on the rights of the child (crc) of the United Nations which promotes that children should have their voices in electronic

2012-12-31 - Saffron
redsquare 31 December, 2012 PreRockParty

2013-02-15 - Koromjol, Kochikhali, Harbaria, Hironpoint, Tiger Point, Jamtali Beach,
duts Sundarban Tour 2013

2013-01-31 - Dhaka, Bangladesh
Onibarjo Karon Bhoshotoa'a'a'a'a'a'a'a' a'a'a'a' a'a'a' by TheatriCal(a'a'a'a'a'a'a'a'a'a'a')

2012-12-31 - 781a Pioneer Park, Barasat, Kolkata - 700124, West Bengal, India
Celebrate Kamalendu Chakrabarti's 62nd Birthday

2013-01-13 - cll 5 4-49 - carrera 10-1a-57 zipaquira
Alquiler de luces y sonido

2013-01-04 -
ya esta el nuevo videoclip instinto - miralo aca

2012-12-31 - Zorba Rock
a RODaR Rock n Roll ULTIMa FECHa del aO -- en ZORBa Rock - Jose Paz

2012-12-29 - Cafecito Circus
trigo roldan tapia salinas enlazando canciones

2013-01-01 - velvet dance room
velvet dance roommadness Recargado, fiesta de ao nuevo

2012-12-29 - Fantastico Bailable
regalamos una moto 0km en fantastico bailable rio gallegos

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