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Jenkins Auditorium, Malden High School, 77 Salem Street

Who has what it takes to be mhs

Come watch on february 7th from 79pm in the Jenkins auditorium Senior guys will compete in formal wear beach wear talent and teacher impersonations and you couldawesome door s from a maldonian yearbook to being a guest judge during to gift CaRDS

admissions 5 before hand and 7 at the door
Tickets will be sold at all four lunches from Jan 31st to Feb 7th SPECIaL If you buy your ticket by 4th lunch on Feb 5th you are automatically entered for a chance toanotherticket to we will announce the winner over the afternoon senior cland maldonian are cohosting the half of the proceeds that our clmakes will be put towards prom it'll be super fun

2013-02-01 - Castillo Night Club
Jovan's 18th Birthday Bash

2013-02-06 -
Informational Meeting Mixer

2013-05-11 - Montreal, Quebec
Festival de musique Evanglique de Montral

2013-02-23 - Espaces Des Arts
iris de brito kizomba workshops

2013-02-17 - Lope de Vega 13, Progresso Business Center, Suite 309, Santo Domingo
Carnaval de La Vega d'Bonche 2013

2013-02-01 -
Todos los Viernes Ladies Night de mimosa - mamajuana cafe

2013-02-09 - le delly's 2 jaures
Concert de CosmoPolite

2013-02-08 - Le constellation caf, 5 rue Custine 75018 Paris
Concert Inexcusable

2013-02-01 - Entrept 7 Rue Francis de Pressens 75014 Paris, Mtro 13 - Pernety
concert bim bam orchestra

2013-01-31 - Salcedo, Dominican Republic
Una Luz por la Juventud de Salcedo

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